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Dating Rules

9 Online Dating Rules for Men

Nowadays, there’s no need to go outside in searches of a perfect mate. All you have to do is to start your browser and register at an online dating site. But is everything this simple? Obviously not. Nobody is perfect but everybody can learn and upgrade his skills.
Relationship experts from https://bridesbay.com prepared a quick guide on how to avoid making the most common online dating mistakes.

1. Look your best

Online acquaintances start with photos because this is the very first thing your potential matches see. In order to protect your other accounts on social media, use a specific picture for dating services only. Don’t just upload a first available selfie – post a clear image of good quality yet free of touch ups.

2. Know how to tell about yourself 

Your online dating profile is the next thing to take care about. Don’t write a novel, just submit a brief and honest self-description. It is important to show your strong sides and give some facts. For instance, if you love traveling, mention places you’ve been to and activities you like to take up during trips.

3. Don’t wear a mask

It is natural that people want to attract potential matches in different ways. But one of the biggest fails guys make is pretending to be someone they aren’t. Especially if you look for relationships and not for a one-night stand, your real essence is what matters to girls. There s enough artificial stuff in our world.

4. Keep it fun

Ladies fall for men who possess a funny bone. To sustain a girl’s excitement, you have to vary the tone of conversation. Add some jokes when you feel it’s time! Of course, all your gags should be polite. Don’t tackle too weird topics until you get to know each other well, be gradual in your wooing.

5. Display interest in her

Nothing evokes our feelings better than sincere interest in our personality. Ask questions about everything you want to know (but don’t raise too private subjects) and express what you think of it. Share your mind in return as well – discuss events that happen in your life to make her react.

6. Pay compliments

Despite we live in the era of female independency, most girls still like to be courted. By all means, compliments are necessary to impress your lady. But the most important tip we want to give you is to be original. Avoid using hackneyed phrases you found on pickup forums – they only irritate.

7. Be a gentleman

Good manners are needed! Even though you chat to girls online, it’s possible to demonstrate chivalrous behavior. Greet your female friends and never end a dialogue by just leaving. Tell her what was nice about your communication so she will know it matters something to you. And take care of your speech!

8. Keep distance

Getting overly personal is wrong. Everyone has certain boundaries and doesn’t like when strangers invade his/her private space. If you wish to really charm a girl online, forget about intimate topics. By the way, you compliments should also be linked to her merits and talents rather than to her sexiness.

9. Take the initiative

Yes, boys are still expected to do it. If a girl of your dream leaves in your area, it shouldn’t be that difficult to meet each other live. Once you two have got closer mentally, don’t delay the first date! Ask her out in a straightforward manner – this, in particular, characterizes you as a grown man.