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Question: What is VideoFen.com?

Answer: The idea of VideoFen is to gather maximum quality video sites for every taste and this is what the team is working on.The sites are categorized according to the content.For your convenience and to get maximum information, each link has its own box.Here is how it looks:



Question: Do i have to have installed any software so I can watch video?

Answer: Some of the sites offer videos in format which require installation of certain software or plug-in to be watchable.Information for required software can be found in the video site you visit.



Question: When I try to watch certain video it loads very slow.What should I do??

Answer: The slow loading of videos could be caused by 2 reasons:

- Your Internet conection is slow

- The host of the video file is on a slow server

In both cases the reasons are outside VideoFen.com.Our advise is before watching a video file longer then 10 mins. (movies, serials) to give some time loading before playing it.



Question: I have a website that offers video content and want to add it to VideoFen.com. How to do it?

Answer: More information and step by step instructions you can find HERE



Question: How to make my website VIP? 

Answer: Follow THIS LINK and you will receive more information on how to make your website VIP and more visible to our visitors.



Tip: Use the search function of the site if you look for something specific.