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Signs You’re Falling in Love with a Girl

 Signs You’re Falling in Love with a Girl



The strong and expressive love that covers you with the head is often the imagination of directors and cinema special effects. In fact, true love manifests itself quietly but lingers in the heart for a long time. How to understand that you really fell in love with a girl?

Almost every man experiences this exciting feeling. But how to understand that it has come, what signs of love exist? They say that a man in love looks, dresses, and moves differently. Is it so?

1. Good mood

While falling in love, a number of hormones and neurotransmitters are released in the blood that affects our mood. These substances make us feel like we drank a liter of energy in one gulp: sleep disappears and early awakening becomes easy and quick. You want to dance, sing, create something unusual all the time, and express yourself in creativity.

2. The past relationship is not remembered

To forget the ex-girl, sometimes a considerable amount of time is required. Some torture themselves for years, while others need a few days to get back to normal. In any case, the last relationship remains in the memory. But when a new object of adoration appears and feelings for her are sincere, the ex-girlfriend hardly remembers. The realization comes that she is forgotten and forgiven. Moreover, you don’t want to look for new relationships because you found the one and only.

3. Excessive emotionality

Love makes us sensitive and sentimental. We are starting to experience simply gigantic emotional leaps. This is due to a number of psychosomatic processes that occur in our bodies. But it’s important to understand that such stress can’t be sustained for a long time; therefore, over time, emotions become dull and turn into a feeling of tenderness and affection. In addition, the emotional differences of people in terms of their effect on the body resemble severe stress. However, everything is thought out by nature: endorphins, the level of which goes off the scale in the period of falling in love, quickly bring our psyche back to normal.

4. Search for hidden meaning

Do you reread her messages? Are you looking for hints in random phrases? Do you see secret signs everywhere? Here’s another symptom: you fell in love and it wakes up suspicion, but, of course, in a good sense of the word. It probably arises from the fact that our thoughts are about our loved ones, and for the most part, we see and hear what we want.

5. Interest in her life

If a woman is really dear to you, then you will not be tired of talking about how her day went, what she plans to buy in the store, etc. However, love makes you want to take part in all the affairs of your woman, even when she is far away. It happens sincerely.

6. Chatting all day long

When something is missing in a relationship, maintaining contact becomes a kind of obligation. For example, if your woman texts to you, then you have to answer her something just to prove that you love. With strong attraction, continuous communication occurs by itself, so it is possible to communicate at least all day. You see interesting news or a picture, you send it to her; an interesting or funny event happened, you laughed together; you can call her to discuss cool and unusual topics.

7. Connection at all levels

You may like a woman in different ways: on an emotional level, mental, and physical. And each level means something different. If you are comfortable with her on the mental level, then it is, most likely, friendship or admiration, on the physical level – an attraction that quickly passes, but the emotional level is the strongest. If you are emotionally comfortable with her, this is no longer just attraction.